Metro Balderas Taquerias Reviews



Kevin L.

Best fucking authentic tacos in town......simple verde and red sauce on your choice of the best meat


Tanya L.

If I could give this place ZERO STARS, I definitely would. Our waitress was so RUDE! My daughter decided to sit at a table that still needed to be cleaned, out waitress comes and picks up the dirty plates and as she does her Towel to clean the tables falls and instead of picking it up, she decides to kick it all the way to the trash can. Then comes and wipes out table with that DIRTY TOWEL THAT SHE HAD JUST KICKED AROUND ACROSS THE RESTAURANT. I love the Tacos here, but the service is crap!


Bobby L.

I'm here almost every Wednesday for their Al pastor tacos.  Usually, they have thier roaster and grill outside, but not in Wednesdays. I like the freshly sliced al pastor when it's out there, you can even ask for more pineapple if you like.  They also offer other meat like buche and cow tongue, if you're adventurous, I would totally recommend.  They take credit card too and can do online ordering.  Parking is bit of a pain as you have to rely on street parking.


Pilar S.

This place is the best. Idk how it has 3 stars. It's always busy because their food is worth the wait! I love that they never disappoint! I honestly don't know why I even bother going to other taquerias. If you have time to wait I'd suggest stopping by and checking it out, do not come here on the weekends after 6:30 if you have no patience or time because it is always packed! Like nowhere to sit packed, line out the door packed. If you do have the time on those days I suggest experiencing it for yourself because it's always fun to be around and get a feel for how much people actually love this place!


Aguilanda R.

Because Yelp doesn't have 0thays why I gave them 1star after almost one hour the waitress brought our tacos with onion and cilantro and we don't like onion and cilantro so we returned the tacos and they took more time this is not acceptable since we arrived the customer service was not acceptable


Ruben G.

I like this place a lot.  note: you're gonna have to look beyond the unwritten order process - eg, do i order at the register?  where do i sign in for a table if there are waitresses?  Pro-Tip: you can do both.  walk right up and order at the register, or sit down at an open table.  the staff will see you and ask if you've order, and if you've not, you can order from them.I come here for the Tacos.  if you do as well, come when the taco cart is outside cooking them.  they have a Trompo, and the al pastor is on point.  I also really like the huaraches.  the quesadillas? order them with chicharron prensado - so good.  I've also had Suadero, Cabeza, and Lengua, all of which were really good.this place is in between a glorified taco cart, a taqueria, and a proper sit-down restaurant.   come here at least a couple times and you'll figure out it makes complete sense :)


Spider V.

Corn quesadilla de chicharrón prensado... Mouth water and oh, SO GOOD!  I've tried their tacos and burritos, always tasty and never disappoint.  Staff is friendly and usually very busy but once you get your food it's all good.


Samantha A.

Tacos and burritos are great and flavorful! Gave it three stars because the floors and the way they handled the trash was very unsanitary and the customer service here is badddddd. They over charged me for my burrito and a burrito ended up becoming a !!!! I went to ask them why did they charge so much? They said because I asked for a half and half for the meats - I was told by a friend who rec the place that it doesn't cost much to do a half and half for their meats burrito and asked me to try it out. So when I realized I was overcharged, the lady said it is what it is - so never order half and half because you may be screwed over on the pricing. Other than that, great food, just terrible service.


Anna P.

The food is very good  but the waiters are rude sometimes and take a very long time to bring her order


Alma Z.

Food ok is a Mexican food but that is not the issue the problem is the waiting time they serve a lot a people in really small place not this is not a recommend place most of the people they complain about the waiting time this is my first and my last time here


Sierra C.

Yummy tacos al pastor!! They make them fresh & Mexico style with pineapple! They are affordable and efficient too. Good place to come for a late night date.. but take an Uber because there's no parking!


Erin G.

These are my favorite tacos and my go-to when in San Jose. The Quesadilla de chicharrón is a MUST!


Edlyn H.

Dont come after 8 because they take longggg n run out of stuff like grilled onions for tacos and chips??????? Overall okay food. I doubt i return.


Rachelle C.

Al Pastor Taco on Wednesdays can't be beat! I've been here on the weekends for lunch and during the week for dinner and the other tacos are good too. My faves:Al PastorSuaderoTripas


Julie S.

Super good food. We had tacos de chicharrón delicious and the saldo for the chips was nice and Spicy. I will definitely be coming back for more.


Frank H.

When I came here it was cool but after a few time you notice how they treat u different based on the worker one lady was nice the other didnt give enough salsa when I called the location they hung up on me and in all honesty i was pissed off the only people i see come here are the people who live less than 4 blocks away I'm sure they dont get treated like shit cuz they're regulars but so am I... I just dont come on the same days I give this place 3 stars just because of the way they treat thier guest if you're anything other than Latin luckily for me I'm half Mexican. The other note I went there at 9:31pm the lady taking my order was getting in trouble about taking my order 1min after they closed she was being sarcastic and had an attitude with her.. until I spoke spanish then she looked dumbfounded and like a chihuahua with a tail between her legs... come here on a last minute notice, if it's close, and if u dont mind being treated lesser than


Bryan Y.

This is the worst restaurant because my nephew ordered a mulita and it didn't even have cheese all it had was meat and the tortilla


Itzel B.

i usually dont like giving bad reviews but this time they deserve it. This used to be my favorite place to come have dinner on fridays, Saturdays and sundays but from afew months the service has become aweful. Before no matter how bust they were you would come in and the server would notice you right away. i have come here the past 3 weekends straight now and i have waited 30 mins without the server coming to ke and getting my order down... i love the food here but honestly i dont like waiting almost an hour to get 4 tacos it is ridicules...


Janet M.

Food service is really slow and they forget your orders overall the food and service is not worth the price which is expensive


Angel R.

Customer service is the worse. We came and for almost 30 min no body came to us to helped us. After that a lady came to clean the table and she said i will send one of the niñas to take the order after 15 min another customer said to us you have to go inside and order so my husband went and it was a show if they cant with deal with alot of customers they have to hire more people